The Plan for Promoting Chinese Music


The Training Department of Art Education,School of Continuing Education,UIBE

Enhance the Chinese cultural heritage Jointly present the music of friendship

The Training Department of Art Education of the School of Continuing Education, UIBE, aims at promoting excellent traditional art forms and enhancing traditional Chinese culture. It holds such art lectures and art popularization activities as Chinese art appreciation, promotion of ethnic music of China, and salon on traditional Chinese art for Chinese and international university students.

Its activities include:

1.Listening to Chinese music

—Lectures on the appreciation and analysis of Chinese music
   A format of integrating performance with lecturing will be adopted to bring music to the classroom.

2.Salon on the image of Chinese music

Each time takes one instrument as the theme, inviting famous masters of Chinese music to give performance and conduct interaction with students with a view to revealing the strength of each instrument and each musical piece and finding the differences between musical forms of different countries.

3.Lessons on Chinese music

Classes are divided into five specialties of guzheng, erhu, pipa, guqin and flute, each of which include primary, intermediate, and advanced levels. The classes are organized in the membership form.

4.International Students’ Orchestra of Chinese Music

This is a group for practical musical activities, aiming at building a platform for international students to conduct art exchange so that Chinese and foreign cultures may collide to produce bright and colorful sparks in UIBE

We look forward to your participation to jointly present a brilliant chapter of Chinese civilization of rites and music.